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We are DUST.... Discovering and Understanding Supernatural Theories. We are a paranormal investigation group with several years of experience in hunting the unknown. Do you ever hear things go bump in the night and wonder what it was.... well that's what we are here for, to bring you answers.

Stillwater OSU Old Central Investigation.... Is it Haunted?

Jackie Dobbson
Is Old Central haunted?

Old Central

O'Collegian reporter Kchris Griffin, accompanied by a ghosthunting team from Oklahoma City, camped out at Old Central Thursday to determine whether the building had traces of the supernatural.

Posted: Monday, October 29, 2012 7:47 pm

by Kchris Griffin / Multicultural Reporter | 0 comments

Even if Scooby Snacks were involved, Scooby Doo and the gang couldn?t have solved this case.

Team D.U.S.T, a ghost hunting team from Oklahoma City, investigated Old Central starting Thursday at 7 p.m. until Friday morning at 2. With more than two hours of footage, evidence has been taken for further review to prove whether Old Central is haunted.

The team accepted the offer to explore the building and let me join and film the hunt. I have watched many horror films, ghost stories and often done research about the paranormal. It proved to be an interesting experience.

I found myself locked in a building with friendly strangers not knowing what to expect. After the policeman left and the crew set up all their equipment, the building became pitch black and an eerie silence entered the building.

With cameras set up in four positions, whatever may lurk in the dark would be brought to the light. I went with John Tapley and Jeremy Ratti, members of Oklahoma D.U.S.T, and walked up the stairs to the third floor into the classroom, which was the biggest area of the building. We sat for 30 minutes with only light from my camera, asking questions to the spirits.

?Why are you still here?? Tapley asked. ?What is your name? Do I intimidate you and if so do you want me to leave??

Cracks and knocks made the tension in the air thicken as each question was asked. We left shortly after thinking how could we explain the noises. When we returned to the command center, we found activity had taken place elsewhere and that a camera had been tampered with.

The camera flashed distorted lines on the screen and flicked back to normal without any explanation. We went directly to the room, sat and began to ask more questions. The K2 meter went off a couple of times and an uneasy feeling entered the room. It felt like whatever was in the room did not want us there.

Tapley asked more questions and waited for anything that would give a sign to what was in the room.

?If you need energy, then draw it from me and let us know you?re here,? Tapley said. ?Are you mad that were here??

Co-founder Tanya McCoy left the room to look at what all had happened in there and found that multiple orbs had entered the room. Orbs are confused with dust particles, but when orbs are round, bounce and have some sort of symmetry it means that a ghost is in the presence.

Tapley walked out and noticed his watch was doing something different. The little hand was moving back and forth and not all around like it was supposed to. Other members of the group began to feel hot and cold, and the K2 meter went off.

After 10 minutes, things began to return to normal. We decided to go to the basement of the building. As I walked down the stairs, I noticed how creepy, slow and dark it was.

One-by-one we entered the classroom and decided to do a flashlight test. This is a test where if the ghost talks then the flashlight will light up on its own. The room was pitch black, and I turned my light off while the camera was running. I walked into the hallway, sat down and said a prayer.

I heard my named called and rushed into the room and Tapley said that my camera had shut off by itself. I didn?t know how because it had half a battery left. I turned it back on and the flashlight began to light up on its own after Tapley and the others began to ask more questions.

?Does the camera bother you,? Tapley said. ?Do you want us to turn the camera off and leave you alone??

The flashlight lit up and flickered repeadedly. I stepped back from the camera and was in disbelief.

?Do you need more energy to talk,? Tapley said. ?Kchris, tell him that he has your permission to take energy from the camera.?

I stuttered and slowly told the ghost what Tapley told me to say.

?You have my p-p-permission to take e-e-energy from the camera.?

The battery began to flash and the camera died. I ran out of the room, went to get a new battery and went in the room again. I was scared, but I wanted to prove the existence of ghosts.

I sat there in a desk in front of the group with my camera on and camera light beaming almost on high. The team asked more questions and got a few answers, but after a deadly silence had entered the room, we left. Before we left, McCoy got up and walked away and through what she believed to be the ghost.

To my disbelief, McCoy said the ghost had been behind me the entire time we sat in the classroom. Tapley and Ratti went to another room to investigate, and I fell asleep with so much on my mind. I woke up and watched them investigating. McCoy played back a replay and showed me how when we were entering the basement two orbs followed me in.

Believing it had plenty of evidence, the team then wrapped up the investigation to return on Oklahoma City to review its findings, which have yet to be revealed.

The Daily Oklahoman

Paranormal team investigates Oklahoma State University’s Old Central:

BY SILAS ALLEN | Published: October 31, 2012

STILLWATER — Anyone who walks through Old Central at Oklahoma State University is bound to hear a few creaks and groans.

In any building upward of 100 years old, that’s to be expected.

Old Central was the first building erected on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Oklahoman archives photo


But some say something more than age is behind the strange noises in the building.

“There definitely seems to be some type of activity there,” said Tanya McCoy, a paranormal investigator.

McCoy is the founder of D.U.S.T. Paranormal, a Yukon-based ghost investigation team. The team toured the 118-year-old OSU landmark recently.

Old Central, a red brick building on the south end of OSU’s campus, was the first building at the university, then called Oklahoma A&M College. Today, it houses the university’s Honors College. In 2009, the university launched a two-year, $8 million renovation project to bring the building up to code. Before that, it had been used as a higher education museum since the 1970s.

Jamie McGuckin, a member of the paranormal group, said there had been stories on campus about people hearing unexplained noises, like footsteps, in the building. Staffers at the Daily O’Collegian, OSU’s student newspaper, asked the group to investigate.

The group took readings in the building using temperature guns, motion sensors and video cameras. When they began to review the evidence they’d collected, McGuckin said, they noticed a few details that led them to believe something out of the ordinary might be in the building.

When McGuckin reviewed a video of team member John Tapley sitting at a desk that belonged to the first U.S. district attorney in the Oklahoma Territory, he noticed what he called a “light anomaly” — an orb of light — passing in front of Tapley’s face. Although the orb wasn’t visible to the naked eye, Tapley’s eyes seemed to follow it on video, McGuckin said.

In another video taken in the building’s basement, a shadow appears to walk in front of a row of chairs, McGuckin said.Old Central is no stranger to ghost stories and other campus lore. The night watchman’s room is said to be haunted by the specter of a guard who hung himself from the rafters. There’s no record of the suicide, but it remains a popular story.

A team of ghost investigators from Oklahoma City explored the building in 2005 and found an unexplained cold spot in one classroom and reported hearing faint whispering in the hallways.

Kchris Griffin, a Daily O’Collegian reporter who arranged last week’s investigation, accompanied the team on their tour of Old Central. Griffin said he noticed strange things during the tour.

Temperatures in the building fluctuated without explanation, he said, and his video camera shut off without warning with half its battery life remaining.

“I was pretty spooked,” he said.

Colleges often carry rich treasuries of campus traditions and legend, including ghost stories. OSU is no different, said Bonnie Cain-Wood, a spokeswoman for the university’s Edmon Low Library.

The library is home to so many stories that staffers began cataloging the tales over the past few years, she said. In one story, library visitors report seeing a red-haired woman who disappears moments later.

The stories tend to vary from one year to the next, she said. One year, they may take place in the basement, and the next year, students tell of the same story taking place on the second floor.

She’s never heard of anyone who’s actually seen a ghost, she said — everyone seems to hear the story secondhand.

“Everyone knows someone who has a ghost story about the library,” she said.

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